Kerry Councillor calls for electronic warning signs for fog on major tourist route

A Kerry County Councillor has called for electronic warning signs for heavy fog on a major tourist route.

Councillor Seamus Cosaí Fitzgerald brought a motion to the South and West Kerry Municipal District meeting, asking Kerry County Council to consider placing two electronic display signs on the Conor Pass.

Councillor Cosaí Fitzgerald says many tourists drive the mountain route during times of heavy fog and become confused and frightened when their visibility is reduced.

He says Kerry County Council frequently advises motorists of adverse weather conditions on Conor Pass during the winter, and he believes a similar approach during times of heavy fog would help to ease traffic congestion and make the route safer for all.

While acknowledging the proposed solution has its benefits, Area Engineer Colm Nagle says the practicalities of installing the system are too great.

He adds the completion of N86 road improvement works may lessen the amount of traffic on the Conor Pass, thus reducing congestion in the area.

Kerry County Council says it’s reasonable to expect motorists to take prevailing weather conditions into account when deciding to proceed up the Conor Pass.