Kerry company has an appeal against it dismissed in High Court

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A Kerry company has had an appeal against it dismissed in the High Court.

BioAtlantis Ltd., which is located in the Clash Industrial Estate, Tralee, is a global player in the biostimulant and nutraceutical sectors.

The appeal was brought in relation to kelp harvesting in Bantry Bay.

BioAtlantis was granted a licence to harvest wild kelp in Bantry Bay in 2014.

However, recent High Court proceedings were brought against the company, seeking an order that the harvesting operation should come under planning regulations, as opposed to just foreshore protocols.

According to today’s Irish Examiner, the appeal was dismissed; Ms Justice Deirdre Murphy said the applicant had not established that kelp harvesting is an unauthorised development.

She said that the harvesting of kelp, like the catching of fish, is controlled by a licence issued under Fisheries Act.

BioAtlantis is also involved in an upcoming judicial review in relation to the project in Bantry Bay, due to strong local opposition.