Kerry Community Healthcare has advised day care for older people will not take place tomorrow

Meanwhile a number of Kerry Community Healthcare services have also been affected.

The HSE has advised that non essential clinics and appointments for Monday have been cancelled. Kerry Community Healthcare has advised that day care for older people will not take place tomorrow.

Only essential public health nursing appointments will go ahead for example wound care, new born screening and pallative care.

Routine appointments such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, community psychology, speech therapy and eye care clinics have been cancelled and will not go ahead tomorrow. Anyone in doubt should contact the office or person who issued the appointment.

Arrangements are being made to ensure that staff at community hospitals ae safetly in place before the status red alert comes into effect.

The HSE says home help services will be curtailed and only provided where essential. This means that some clients will not receive a service on Monday who may have expected to. The HSE is attempting to contact each person affected individually.