Kerry Co-op board rejects resignation calls

The board of Kerry Co-op has rejected calls for its resignation.

A group representing some of the co-op’s milk suppliers and shareholders has made the call.

They say they’re unhappy with how the co-op carried out a review into electoral areas.

Kerry Co-op holds elections across its electoral areas to vote for members to its advisory committees. These committees elect directors to the co-op board.

Kerry Co-op Milk Suppliers’ and Shareholders’ Alliance claims that the co-op’s electoral review is unfair to ordinary members and serves to maintain the board’s control.

The alliance says that under the review, advisory committee members in Kerry have to stand down this year and seek election to larger areas although only half the committee seats are available. It claims, in contrast, those on the board can keep their positions until their terms are finished regardless of whether they remain on advisory committees.

The alliance says a full review requires that advisory committees and the co-op board stand down and new elections take place.

The board of Kerry Co-op says the electoral review has been carried out in accordance with its rule book, advisory committees were consulted and changes due by the end of the year will reflect this.

It says the reduction in advisory committee membership is due to a major reduction in milk suppliers over 17 years, that there’s no requirement for the board to step down nor is there any precedent for them to do so.