Kerry bride-to-be forced to rise at dawn tomorrow to avoid clashing with the royal nuptuals

A Killarney woman who’s getting married tomorrow – a short distance away from where the royal wedding takes place – has to get up at 5 in the morning, to make sure she gets to the church on time.

Celé Brits is due to marry fiance Laurence Mason at 12 noon tomorrow; at exactly the same time that Prince Harry exchanges vows with Meghan Markle.

But as both traffic and security on the road to Windsor are expected to be heavy, the London-based nurse and her bridal party have been forced to set out on the 20-mile journey in the very early hours.

The story of their clash of wedding dates with the royal couple has made news in the UK, in America and in South Africa, where Celé was born before her family moved to Kerry.

Speaking on Radio Kerry’s TalkAbout programme, the bride-to-be says she’s trying to remain calm – but her mother Jeanne is feeling the stress: