Kerry anglers lash out at B.I.M. strategies abroad.

Anglers in the county have lashed out at the low price of wild salmon and marketing strategies of B.I.M. abroad. A meeting of the South West Regional Fisheries Board heard that Billingsgate the largest fish market in England had not bought Irish salmon in over 20 years due to the bruised quality of the fish. The Billingsgate market was not a large consumer of the Irish salmon market due to the poor quality of stockThis was a result of the drift net practices used to catch the fish which resulted in a significant scale loss. Angers are angry that B.I.M. have not secured a better reputation for the stock, particularly at a time when supply cannot meet demand abroad. However it was agreed that it was not the function of the SWRFB to secure a better price for salmon in England.Large discrepancies between the two markets were found, with the Billingsgate market paying 25 euro 25 cent a kilogram, the Irish market pays a significantly less figure of 10 euro. It was agreed that the board would push secure a stronger price for wild salmon for commercial fishermen in Kerry and Cork.