KCC management of water supply questioned by Listowel Councillor

A Councillor in Listowel has questioned Kerry County Councils management of the water supply system for the town. Sinn Feins Anthony Curtin has said it may not have been the in town councils best interest to allow Kerry county take over the management of Listowel water supply. The comments come were made following an unannounced one day water stoppage in the town during the height of the tourist season in July.Cllr Tom Walsh said he contacted Kerry County Council to ask for an explanation on why there was no prior notice for a water stoppage on the 23rd of July last. Cllr Walsh says he was told that the pump that feeds the town had failed and the back up had not kicked in. He said he found this an unsatisfactory response from the council, as business and tourist interests in the town were left without a water supply for the day.Cllr David Toomey said he found the situation unacceptable from a fire safety point of view. Town Engineer John Ahern informed members that responsibility for water supply and maintenance was with KCC. He said the council were now monitoring this particular pump but the pipes themselves were 25 years old and the council could not forewarn of the stoppage because they were unaware themselves. Anthony Curtin said while he was sure engineers with KCC were of the highest standard, there were few problems with the town`s water supply while it was under the Town Councils care.