Just three single rural dwellings built in Kerry this year

Kerry County Council has built just three single rural dwellings this year.

They’re among 62 houses the council will have constructed during 2019.

A further 87 have been developed by Approved Housing Bodies, meaning the council has surpassed targets set by government.

Kerry County Council has completed 149 houses this year for people on the social housing waiting list – including new developments and turnkey projects.

Three of those are single rural dwellings, one in Cromane and two in Killorglin.

The majority of houses developed are in towns and villages – including nine in Listowel and 21 in Tralee.

A further 87 homes have been completed by Approved Housing Bodies – 59 of which are in Killarney.

The council bought 50 houses this year; it had a target of just 28.

They say, however, money for acquisitions is decreasing and there may be little or no funding next year.

The council will also meet their target of leasing 70 units this year, and 100 vacant houses were refurbished, but changes are expected which could have a negative impact on funding.

In total this year, the council surpassed social housing targets set out by government.

Its target was 157 for building, Part V, and repair of vacant houses – however its total output will be 255.