Jury sent home while Judge considers legal submissions.

The judge in the Brian Curtin trial is taking the rest of the day to consider legal submissions made to him. After deliberating on the issues overnight he sought clarification from both barristers on a point of law this morning. After around half an hour in his chambers Judge Carroll Moran re entered the courtroom saying the matter needs greater care and attention.Judge Carroll Moran apologised to the Jury for leaving them waiting. He said the matter being canvassed in their absence has not finished and will require more time. He said its possible his deliberation will go well into the afternoon and he excused the Jury for the rest of the day.Judge Moran gave a commitment that he will be finished with the matter by the morning. He told the five women and seven men that he’s confident the trial will resume tomorrow. He reminded them not to talk to anyone about the case and gave an undertaking to try and make up the time lost. The trial resumes tomorrow at 10: 30am.