Jury selected in Judge Brian Curtin case.

A jury of five women and 7 men has been selected to hear the case against Judge Brian Curtin. The Circuit Court Judge today pleaded not guilty to knowingly possessing child pornography. An earlier attempt by the defence to have the trial adjourned was rejected by Judge Carroll Moran. In a packed and tense circuit court 13 people from the jury pool asked to be excused because of a connection with the case or because of work commitments.Judge Carroll Moran warned the pool of potential jurors they should have no prior perceptions about this case. He said force of circumstances means he must hear the case although he does know Brian Curtin as a colleague, albeit not very well. He said despite this fact he will administer justice without fear of favour to any party.On the issue of pornography Judge Moran said we all have views in relation to it but anyone whose views are of such strength as to affect their capacity to serve subconsciously or unsubconsciously they should not serve. He reminded them their duty is to not to decide on whether pornography is evil or not but on whether Brian Curtin is guilty or not.