Jury retires in indecent assault case

The Jury in the trial of a Christian Brother charged with four counts of indecent assault and four counts of gross indecency is considering its verdict. Defense Counsel finished summing up a short time ago. Before retiring the Jury for deliberations, the Judge gave several warnings about the safety of conviction in a sexual assault case where time had elapsed. However he said it is up to the Jury to decide and he will not try to influence their decision.Yesterday Mr Ryan told the court he was afraid to go to the toilet on nights when Brother Doheny was on duty night and would wet the bed. He broke down several times during evidence before the jury of six men and six women. It was while he was assigned kitchen duties the assaults and gross indecency took place, usually in a store room off the kitchen. He remembered the brother as being tall, with black hair and a moustache and said he didn’t tell anyone what happened as they wouldn’t believe him,Mr Ryan identified the brother by a photograph shown to him by Gardai. Senior counsel Patrick Gageby for the accused put it to him that there are two brothers who look alike in the photo shown to him and that there are inconsistencies in his evidence.