Jury resume deliberations in north Kerry murder trial

The jury in the north Kerry murder trial has resumed their deliberations.

63-year-old Michael Ferris of Rattoo, Ballyduff has pleaded not guilty to the murder of John Anthony O’Mahony of Ardoughter, Ballyduff on April 4th 2017.

It is alleged Michael Ferris, a dairy farmer, intentionally rammed the 73-year-old tillage farmer’s car multiple times with the prongs of a teleporter, causing him catastrophic injuries, due to deceased man’s use of a crow banger.

The prosecution says the accused intentionally and deliberately set out to kill Anthony O’Mahony that morning.

The defence, however, say Mr Ferris was provoked over years, was at the end of his tether, and just snapped on the morning in question.

Two verdicts are available to the jury; guilty of murder or not guilty of murder by reason of manslaughter, and Ms Justice Carmel Stewart has told them the decision must be unanimous.

The seven men and five women considered their verdict for just over an hour (one hour and six minutes) yesterday and resumed this morning around nine minutes past 11.

Earlier, the jury asked to see DVD footage of the accused’s interview with gardaí at Listowel Garda Station; they were told this footage was not included in evidence but the transcript of the interview is available to them.