Judge is banned from driving for two years

Judge Brian Curtin has been banned from driving for two years and has been fined 250 euro. Judge Terence Finn handed down his ruling today at Tralee District Court today. The Judge was stopped on the eighth of May last at Stokers Lodge in the town. Judge Brian Curtin was not present in court. Counsel for Judge Curtin Robert Pierse produced five medical reports on behalf of his client.Mr Pierse said sections of the media and the public had not taken notice that Judge Curtin had been found not guilty in April of downloading child pornography from the internet. On the day before the drink driving charge occurred a report had appeared in The Star newspaper which according to Robert Pierse was vicious, improper provocative and inaccurate. This he said this had upset his client greatly. He hadn`t eaten on the day in question and went in to the town to get something to eat. While walking down the street Judge Curtin was abused by three members of the public. Robert Pierse said his client then went into a public house and was later arrested while driving home and he was brought to Tralee Garda Station and provided a sample of urine.