Judge grants two weeks ajournment in murder case

A Defence Counsel yesterday looked to strike out a murder charge because of the length of time it was taking The State to prepare The Book of Evidence. Solicitor Pat Mann formally made the application on behalf of his client Robert O Brien who is accused of the murder of his sister Elizabeth McCarthy in September of last year. Aidan Judge, Counsel for The Prosecution told The Court that he had been out of the country when the fresh charge of murder was brought on the 9th of February.He said he was 90% through The Book of Evidence and that it would be a barbaric catastrophe if the case was not allowed go forward. Counsel for The Accused Pat Mann told the Court that his client had been in custody since the Fourth of October. He said The Court was told that The Book Of Evidence would ready today and that he was formally applying to strike out the charge. Judge Terence Finn told the Prosecution that they were causing The Court serious disquiet. He granted a two week adjournment and said that he would be taking a most severe view if The Book Of Evidence was not ready by that date.