Judge begins charging jury in case of man accused of sexual assault of co-worker in Kerry hotel

The judge has begun charging the jury in the case of a Polish man accused of sexually assaulting a co-worker in a Kerry hotel.

The man, who can’t be named for legal reasons, has pleaded not guilty to the single charge, which is alleged to have taken place in the hotel staff quarters on September 23rd 2011.

The woman claims the man came into her room while she was asleep and sexually assaulted her.

Judge Tom O’Donnell began his address to the jury of eight men and four women just before lunch.

It’ll continue this afternoon, before the jury begin their deliberations.

In closing speeches this morning, prosecution barrister, Tom Rice submitted to the jury that the accused’s actions were indecent.

He said the woman was in her bedroom in the staff quarters, where she’s entitled to privacy and not to have a man come into her room.

He acknowledged there are inconsistencies with the time the woman gave in accounts, but said most honest and truthful people can make mistakes.

Senior Counsel for the defence, Michael Collins contends that the woman’s evidence isn’t credible.

He said there are inconsistencies with her evidence and that no one else supports it, adding it boils down to ‘he said, she said’.