John Brassil accuses Michael Healy-Rae of cynical attack

Fianna Fáil deputy John Brassil has hit back at fellow Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae, describing his attack on him over road safety as cynical and dishonest.

Deputy Brassil was commenting after Deputy Healy-Rae circulated a letter to all publicans in Kerry,  criticising him  for abstaining on Minister Shane Ross’s Road Traffic Bill.

According to Deputy Healy-Rae, the bill has had a devastating effect on publicans’ trade.

In a statement, Deputy John Brassil said Michael Healy-Rae’s letter was a true to form political stroke and amounted to nothing more than bluster.

He said one of the key factors in the abstension on the vote on the Road Traffic Bill was that 14 people have lost their lives on Irish roads in 2019 already and that national politicans have a moral obligation to make the roads safer rather than look for personal political gain.

Deputy Brassil also said that Deputy Healy-Rae could have been a senior government minister after the last election but that he ran for the hills rather than have to be honest with the people of Kerry and make real decisions.

Deputy Michael Healy-Rae has always denied turning down a ministry, claming then Taoiseach Enda Kenny was not in a position to offer him one at the time.