Joe Higgens suceeds in reducing Fingal Local Authority court costs.

Socialist Leader Joe Higgins has succeeded in reducing the court costs of Fingal Local Authority by 8,500 euro following an appeal to the Tax Masters Court. The Lispole native and his party colleague Claire Daly were originally ordered to pay 33,000 euro by the court. The costs are arising out of a High Court action by Fingal County Council for opposing bin charges.The Kerry native and party colleague were for jailed for a month last year for their stance on the issue. An appeal was lodged with the tax masters by Joe Higgins and Claire Daly for the costs earlier this month. The costs were subsequently reduced to 24,500 euro by the tax masters court. Speaking to Radio Kerry News Joe Higgins said he and Claire Daly have again appealed the reduced amount and are awaiting a decision from the Tax Masters Court.