Jarvies to discuss dung fouling at forthcoming AGM

At their forthcoming AGM, Killarney`s jarvies are expected to discuss local concerns about the fouling of the streets by their horses. The use by jarvies of the Town Centre had caused businesses, councillors and members of the public to call for measures to control fouling. Under the by-laws, jarvies are prohibited from travelling through Killarney Town Centre, unless their horses are fitted with an apparatus to collect dung.So far, few if any jarvies have chosen to use this ‘nappy’, and most routinely take their animals through town for pick-ups. With the start of the tourist season, and an increase in temperatures, the issue of fouled streets has become more pressing. There’s special concern this year over the condition of the streets as Killarney prepares to celebrate a century and a half of tourism, and aims to become the national winner of the tidy towns competition.