Irish Businesses should support their UK counterparts through Brexit

Irish businesses need to help and work with their UK counterparts during the Brexit transition according to Ryanair Chief Operating Officer, Peter Bellew.

Mr Bellew was speaking about the Business Challenges of Brexit at the Killarney Economic Conference.

Mr Bellew warned that the Brexit process will be quite brutal in many ways and said that this was sad as the UK has been a pillar of European democracy.

However he said that there has been far too much gloating by some Irish commentators.

Mr Bellew said that Irish businesses should be helping their British counterparts through the process, as the people possibly losing their jobs in the UK are the same people that holiday in Ireland.

He said that investment decisions are not taking place and that a type of Marshall plan should be considered for the border counties that are likely to be badly affected.

Mr Bellew said that Ryanair has set up a new company Ryanair UK and secured the licenses it will require to continue to operate.

He suggested that Ireland will need to see Asia, Australia and China as the growth areas of the future and forge better links with these parts of the world.

He said that we will become more reliant on our own relationships with them when we can’t rely on a bounce from the UK.

Mr Bellew warned that many people around the world still think that Ireland is part of the UK, if they know where the country is at all – and that a strong marketing campaign for the country is needed to ensure any opportunities from Brexit are maximised.