Irexit party offers explanation to announcement of fake candidate in Killarney

The Irexit party has offered an explanation to the announcement of a fake candidate in Killarney.

Earlier this week, a candidate named Mairead Donovan announced that she will be running for the Irexit Freedom to Prosper party in the upcoming local elections.

Last week, an email was sent to media, advising that a lady named Mairead Donovan will be running for the party as a candidate for Killarney.

Irexit Freedom to Prosper party founder Hermann Kelly told Radio Kerry the candidate’s bio was created by the party has an internal example.

He had requested that the bio be taken down prior to the website going live, however, this did not happen.

Mr Kelly says someone then, as a political prank, created a press release from the sample biography and distributed it to media.

He says he is ultimately responsible for any content published on the Irexit website.