Ireland MEP rejects claim that deal could lead to corporations suing governments

An Ireland South MEP has rejected claims that she and her colleagues are siding with companies over citizens under the terms of a new trade deal.

UPLIFT, a group which is working for progressive change in Ireland, published a newspaper ad urging people to tell Fine Gael MEPs Deirdre Clune and Seán Kelly not to support a deal regarding commercial arbitration.

A vote is due to take place in the European Parliament today in relation to establishing this system of arbitration.

Companies could use the process if they felt they were being discriminated against.

However, UPLIFT believes it could be used by corporations to sue governments against measures such as raising the minimum wage.

Siobhan O’Donoghue of UPLIFT also believes this form of arbitration under the agreement would result in secrecy.

MEP Deirdre Clune disputes the claims made by UPLIFT, saying these deals do not give unilateral power to corporations over governments.

The Fine Gael MEP explains the importance behind the trade deal.