Investigators find conflicting evidence of helicoopter crash

The air accident investigation unit has found conflicting evidence between eye witnesses and a 17 year old helicopter pilot after a crash close to Dooks Golf Course in Glenbeigh in 2003. In a report on the incident the unit says it not good aviation practise for young and inexperienced helicopter pilots to carry passengers. Golfers on the course had a narrow escape when the aircraft made an emergency landing on the beach sending debris flying in their direction onto the course.An eye witness told the investigation team that the helicopter had been turning severely left and right before the landing. He said someone appeared to be waving at him from the aircraft. A second witness described how a 12 foot piece of debris came flying across the 11th fairway after the helicopter came down with a loud bang. The accident investigation unit says the purpose of the flight was not clear. The pilot said he decided to go for a run but the owner said the pilot was due to collect him in Killorglin. The investigation found there would be no reason to fly near Dooks if Killorglin was the destination. In its conclusion the investigating team says there’s no evidence of a defect that would have caused a loss of power. They also found conflicting evidence between eye witnesses and the pilot on the actual flight path prior to impact.