International Space Station visible in Kerry skies tonight

The SpaceX Dragon resupply ship with its dual outstreched solar arrays is pictured attached to the Harmony module as the International Space Station orbited above Brazil. Image via

The International Space Station could be visible in Kerry skies tonight.

According to Seamus Bonner, secretary of Astronomy Ireland, the best time to see the space station is at sunset – between 17: 55 and 18:02 this evening – when the sun shines on the station creating contrast as night falls.

The International Space Station will be travelling from west to south at a gradient of 66 degrees.

It may also be visible from between 7:31pm and and 7:35pm this evening, as a bright light moving across the sky.

The International Space Station is a research facility currently being assembled in space and is travelling at an average speed of 27,744 km per hour.

Seamus Bonner of Astronomy Ireland said they are keen to receive reported sightings of the space station from Kerry star-gazers – you can email your sightings, with times and locations, to [email protected]