Initiative launched to tackle deer poaching in Kerry

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An initiative has been launched to tackle deer poaching in Kerry. Operation BAMBI Operation Bambi was first launched in 2013 by the Gardai, NPWS and the Wild Deer Association of Ireland and is now being rolled out in the Killarney Garda District. Deer are a protected species under the Wildlife Acts and may only be culled under special licence during day light hours and certain times of the year. In Kerry, Red deer are fully protected and may not be hunted at anytime it is also illegal to hunt in Killarney National Park. A spokesperson for the Wild Deer Association of Ireland Damien Hannigan says evidence would suggest deer are being killed at unsustainable levels outside of Killarney National Park by criminals who kill our wild deer for financial gain. There are a number of prosecutions currently before the courts in South Kerry for illegal killing of wild deer and related offences and this enforcement activity will continue according to Gardai. Superintendent Flor Murphy said they need the help of the public so that this initiative can be successful.