Illegal dumping in the county is on the increase.

The number of cases of illegal dumping in the county is rising. 340 investigations were undertaken last year, up 28 per cent on 2002. It costs 1.4 million euro to clean up after people who litter and dump their rubbish across the county. If the number of cases of illegal dumping is on the increase, the rate of prosecutions is struggling to keep up. Enforcement activity saw only a 20 per cent rise in prosecutions, however, on the spot fines more than doubled last year.On a positive note, Kerry now has 25 green flags, with eight new schools winning the award and ten holding theirs. Over 130 community groups took part in the national spring clean campaign last year, collecting 58 tonnes of litter from beaches, public parks, roadsides and schools. The figures are contained in the annual report of the four local authorities in the county.