HSE receive five nursing home care complaints

It`s emerged that five complaints were made to the Health Service Executive southern area about nursing homes in the county. The news comes as the Department Of Health begins its national review of the inspection process. The Health Service Executive Southern Area has been calling for a review of nursing home regulations for quite some time. The national review comes after the successful prosecution last week of Dromore Nursing Home in North Kerry for 10 breaches of nursing home regulations.In September 2004 an independent inspection team reported to the HSE southern area strongly recommending a complete review of regulations. It concluded that its current regulations failed to provide the framework for best practice and optimum care for patients. Methods used to monitor the quality of patient care were also deemed inadequate by the independent investigation team. Under law only one nurse or matron is required to operate a nursing home with a sufficient number of staff. The investigation team want the above two requirements raised directly with the Department Of Health.