HSE denies upsurge in assaults on hospital staff

The county’s health authority says a major increase in reported assaults on staff at Kerry General Hospital is due to more workers coming forward to make complaints. There has been a tenfold increase in the report of assaults on hospital staff over the past 20 months and between March and September this year, there were 94 reports of violent incidents. However, the Health Service Executive denies the increase is due to an upsurge in assaults or threats against workers. The HSE claims the rise is because more staff at Kerry General are now coming forward to make complaints. In a statement to Radio Kerry News, the HSE says staff are encouraged to report all incidents to the occupational health department so that they can be given appropriate support. The HSE goes on to say this encouragement is reflected in the increase in the number of reported incidents against staff at the hospital between March and September this year. An employee assistant programme is also in place to support staff who have been involved in such incidents.