HSE accused of failure in home help controversy

A union representative for home help workers says there’s a failure of joint-up thinking within the health service.

Ted Kenny of SIPTU represents home care assistants in Kerry.

He says the HSE, as it’s organised, is too rigid a structure to respond to the needs of healthcare users, whether in hospital or in the community.

Mr Kenny says he believes the former health board structure was much more responsive to patient needs.

He says the HSE, in its current state, has led to a lack of co-ordination between bodies that provide various health services.

Ted Kenny of SIPTU was responding to the situation of a Knocknagoshel man whose release from hospital is being delayed.

92-year-old Timothy Nolan, who’s spent four months in Killarney Community Hospital, is due to be released but this has been delayed, because of uncertainty over the level of home help support he’ll get.

His wife, Sheila, highlighted his situation on Kerry Today yesterday.

Last evening, Cork Kerry Community Healthcare notified the family of his home care package and Timothy will be released from hospital in the next few days.
Sheila says if this hadn’t happened, she’d have taken drastic action.