HIQA report finds issues of major non-compliance in Tralee nursing unit

A HIQA report has found issues of major non-compliance in a Tralee nursing unit.

The Health Information and Quality Authority inspected Tralee Community Nursing Unit, Killerisk Road, Tralee, over two dates in January of this year.

The announced inspection, which took place in Tralee Community Nursing Unit on the 15th and 16th of January, examined 13 areas within the unit.

Two areas–Residents’ Rights, Dignity and Consultation and Suitable Staffing–were found to be majorly non-compliant.

The inspector had concerns there were inadequate staff on duty, and no activities were scheduled at the weekends or evenings for residents.

There were five moderate non-compliances in relation to health and safety, medication management, premises, food and nutrition and residents’ personal property.

In response, Tralee Community Nursing Unit is to undertake a number of actions to remedy the highlighted issues, including the setting up of a cultural group and a planned increase in staff numbers.

However, the HIQA inspector noted there was evidence of good practice in many areas, including staff’s comprehensive knowledge of residents’ needs, their likes and preferences.