Higher rate of births outside marraige in Kerry

The average rate for births outside of marriage in the county is higher than the national average according to figures released from the CSO today. Kerry stands at one per cent higher than the state rate of 31% from the period of April to June. Nationally Ireland`s population is expected to top five million within fifteen years provided current rates of births, deaths and migration continue. When compared with the first three months of this year statistics for births outside of marriage is on the rise around the country.Kerry is higher than the average national rate for births outside of marriage at 32%. Meanwhile the second highest number of deaths occurred in the county in Munster. 299 people died from April to June, this was second to Cork County only. Three infants died during the second quarter of the year, while one neonatal mortality occurred. Nationally there has been a decrease on the number of infant fatalities around the country. It`s also predicted there will be five million people living in Ireland by 2020 if current trends continue. According to the CSO inward migration will be key to maintaining population growth.