Higher number of single people in need of social housing

Listowel Town Council says there has been a clear shift in the status of people looking for social housing in the town. An increasing number of single people are now looking for council accommodation. An action plan for social and affordable housing has been published to identify the needs of the community. 87 people are waiting to be assessed for social housing in listowel. Well over half of these are single applicants. Over 100 people are waiting to be allocated houses from the council, again half of this figure are single people. The council says applicants are now looking for smaller housing units instead of three bedroomed houses. There are no houses under construction at the moment but the council is waiting for sanctioning from the department of the environment for a number of housing projects. Respond voluntary housing association is due to start construction of 34 houses adjacent to lios arda in the near future. One major issue for the council in the coming years is the difficulty in acquiring lands due to the lack of availability, the cost of land and competition from the private sector.