Healy-Rae, Cahill and Moriarty all elected in Kenmare

Johnny Healy-Rae, Michael Cahill and Norma Moriarty have all been elected on the first count in the Kenmare LEA.

The second count will now involve the distribution of Johnny Healy-Rae’s surplus of 1,073 votes.

The quota in Kenmare is 1,950.

There are six seats in total, so three now remain to be filled.

Johnny Healy-Rae (Ind) 3023 ELECTED

Michael Cahill (FF) 2219 ELECTED

Norma Moriarty (FF) 1966 ELECTED

John Francis Flynn (FF) 1375

Patrick Connor Scarteen (FG) 1320

Dan McCarthy (Ind) 1050

Damian Quigg (SF) 766

Cleo Murphy (Green) 691

Patrick Lyne (FG) 444

Donie O’Sullivan Rua (FG) 428

Luke Crowley Holland (LAB) 364