Heads of hospital group thank UHK staff for commitment during COVID-19

The heads of the South/South West Hospital Group have written to staff thanking them for their commitment during COVID-19.

The letter from CEO Gerry O’ Dwyer and Chairperson Prof. Geraldine McCarthy was sent to all staff members in the hospital group, including University Hospital Kerry.

In this letter, the heads of the South/ South West Hospital Group express their deep appreciation to the staff of the ten hospitals for their relentless work and selfless commitment to patient care during this public health emergency.

They say the extraordinary demands placed on the health service as a result of COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge, but one which staff have all raised to meet.

They add that every effort has been made prior to the virus arriving in Ireland to ensure they would be as ready as they could be to protect and safeguard public health.

The CEO and Chair of the South/ South West Hospital Group are thanking staff at UHK and the other nine locations.

They say the perseverance staff have shown, and their commitment to providing the best possible care to patients hasn’t gone unnoticed, and is greatly appreciated.

They add staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty, and ask them not to ignore their own health and wellbeing during this crisis.