Head of Kerry gardaí advising public not to record sulky races on the roads

The head of the Kerry Garda Division is advising the public not to record sulky races on the county’s roads.

Councillor Michael Cahill says he’s received reports of alleged sulky racing in parts of Mid Kerry and that road users have raised the issue on health and safety grounds.

The Fianna Fáil councillor asked gardaí at the recent Joint Policing Committee meeting what is their position in relation to sulkies being on Kerry roads.

Superintendent of the Killarney Garda Division Flor Murphy says sulkies do not need to be taxed or insured to travel on the public roads; however, they can be insured to protect against civil claims.

Inspector Tony Sugrue says if gardaí receive complaints of alleged dangerous sulky racing, they will investigate.

At the JPC meeting, it was suggested that members of the public record any sulky races they see.

However, Chief Superintendent of the Kerry Garda Division Eileen Foster advises against this.

She says people run the risk of being assaulted by those involved in the sulky racing and having their phones stolen.