Half of childcare facilities in Kerry didn’t have Garda vetting for staff

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Half of childcare services inspected in Kerry by the Child and Family Agency didn’t have Garda vetting in place for one or more staff members. Tusla has published 100 inspection reports for Kerry facilities, which cover a range of areas of compliance. There are nine inspectors covering five counties including Kerry. At the end of 2013 there were 136 Early Years Services registered within the county with TUSLA. TUSLA These annual inspection reports and follow ups of 100 service providers range from 2011 to 2013. Half of the facilities were not compliant for Garda vetting of staff in direct contact with children. TUSLA says this procedure along with work references should be completed prior to anyone being given access to children. 47 didn’t have proper records for the children in their care including medical history. 27 did not have a correctly stocked first aid box. There were 17 cases where doors, gates or fences weren’t properly secured to prevent the unauthorised leaving or entering of premises. In 15 services there was no hot water in wash hand basins. Heating was an issue in several cases with one pre-school recording a temperature of 14 degrees. In one pre-school TUSLA found one adult caring for 12 children, in another there was dog faeces in the outdoor play area and another had a blocked drain outside leading to a foul smell. The vast majority of issues were resolved by the service providers to the satisfaction of TUSLA.