Growth in the number of completed dwellings in Kerry slows

Growth in the number of completed dwellings in Kerry has slowed.

The Central Statistics Office released data for the second quarter of 2018, which shows Kerry accounts for less than 2% of the national total of new dwellings.

In Kerry, 85 houses or apartments were completed during the second quarter of this year.

This is a 14% reduction on both the first quarter of this year and the last quarter of 2017, when there were a total 99 properties completed in each three-month period.

The slowdown in growth contrasts with national figures; the number of completed dwellings nationally increased by 25% during the second quarter to over 4,400.

A recent report from show rents in Kerry have risen by nearly 9% in one year, partly due to the shortage of properties available to rent or buy.

Furthermore, auctioneers in the county have said additional levies imposed by Kerry County Councils in July of last year has discouraged people from building new houses or apartments.