Green Party Deputy to visit Waterville Golf Course

Green Party Deputy Dan Boyle is to visit the new Waterville Golf Course which is under construction to hilight allegations of environmental and structural damage at the site. The developer of the golf course has issued a lengthy statement refuting the allegations. In January An Board Pleanala granted permission to Haulie O Shea to carry out certain works at the cliff face as part of his golf course development. The issue had been appealed to the board by a local resident who claimed the work was contributing to erosion rather than reinstating the cliff.Granting planning the board looked for a full programme of works to be submitted in writing, this was to include drainage measures, erosion protection and reinstatement of the access cut through the cliff. But Deputy Boyle is claiming the conditions are being ignored. He says the structural integrity of a nearby house has been damaged as a result of the works. He is describing the development as catastrophic. But Haulie O Shea has described his allegations as vexatious and untrue.