Government funding secures bathing slip at Fenit

It’s understood that Government funding has been secured for safety work at the bathing slip in Fenit. The fate of the slip was uncertain in recent times after an accident there led to a claim for compensation. However it’s now thought that all the pieces are in place for a deal which would secure the slip’s future. The bathing slip at Fenit has been in place now for over 50 years but a claim for compensation meant that recently Tralee Bay Swimming and Social Clubs have been unable to get public liability insurance for the facility The club launched a major campaign to save the slip and a number of meetings were held over the summer with Kerry County Council and officials from The Department of the Marine, in an attempt to find a solution. A compromise was reached which depended on each side making a separate commitment. The club agreed to contribute annually to the running costs while the council would take over insurance responsibilities if the Government made a substantial financial contribution to improve safety at the site. It’s now understood that funding for the improvements has been secured form The Department of the Marine. This will enable the other pieces of the deal to fall into place and Kerry County Council is expected to rubber seal the agreement at their monthly meeting next Monday