Google data shows activity in Kerry shops and restaurants down 75%

Google data shows that activity in Kerry shops and restaurants was down 75% earlier this month compared to January.

That’s according to new smartphone data, which shows that mobility has generally increased since phase one of the government’s roadmap plan came into effect.

This Google data from smartphones shows that activity in retail and recreation in Kerry was down 75% on May 16th compared to January.

When looking back to April, however, activity had been down 82% since January, so there’s been more movement this month.

Activity in grocery and pharmacy is now only 11% below levels seen in January; in March it had been down 40%.

Parks and public beaches have this month seen a 65% drop in activity since January; it was down 78% in April.

Activity at bus and train stations in Kerry was down 40% this month compared to January; but had been down 85% in April.

Workplace activity is now down 37% compared to January, but was down 54% in April, and when it comes to residential activity, this was up 23% in Kerry this month, and had been up 30% last month.