Glebe House faces deficit of 100,000 euro

A Southern Health Board facility for the elderly situated near Castleisland is facing a deficit of 100,000 euro by year end. Glebe house is staffed on a seven day basis by the Kerry Parents and Friends Association. However staff on holiday can not be replaced. The facility cares for elderly residents with intellectual disability.Glebe house is situated near Castlisland and is operated by the Kerry Parents and Friends Association. In 2002 the Kerry parents and friends due to emergency demand admitted five additional residents to Glebe Lodge. These positions are unfunded and the association covers the cost through fundraising incomes.Kerry parents and friends funded the deficit last year of 60,000 euro. The Southern Health Board says it is allocating over 80,000 euro to the facility to meet costs for 2004. However estimated costs of running the facility which is currently at full capacity amounts to an additional 350,000 euro. According to programme manager Pat Madden additional money is needed to ensure the facility is to continue at full capacity.