German government working to free Kerryman being held in Greece

Photo: Facebook

The German government is lobbying for the release of a West Kerryman who’s facing charges of human trafficking and money laundering.

24-year-old Sean Binder, who is a German citizen but grew up in Castlegregory, was arrested on the Greek island of Lesbos after several months’ service as a volunteer for an NGO assisting refugees and migrants.

He and another volunteer, Sara Mardini, a student at Bard college in Berlin are being held on suspicion of human trafficking, money laundering, espionage and being a member of a criminal organisation.

However, the head of the college says the charges seem more about halting the operations of the NGO than about any of the volunteers’ actions.

Dr Florian Becker says the German authorities will leave no stone unturned to get Sean, Sara and other humanitarian workers released from prison.