Gary Barlow falls in love with Killarney

By Marc E. ( [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Killarney enjoyed a massive publicity boost from singer Gary Barlow, who performed to a sell-out crowd at the INEC on  Saturday night.

The Take That front man, took to social media to express his appreciation of the stunning scenery from his room in Aghadoe Heights Hotel.

He posted stunning views of Killarney to his 4 point 4 million Twitter followers, with his post re-tweeted 181 times.

The singer also posted photos of the views on Instagram, where he has more than 300 thousand followers, along with the caption naming Killarney as one of the most beautiful places he’d ever visited.

Both social media posts were viewed by thousands of followers all over the world, with many commenting that they would visit Kerry themselves in the future.