Gardaí warn of illegal hare trapping in South Kerry

Gardaí say they are aware of people travelling to South Kerry to illegally trap hares.

Gardaí believe they’re then selling the hares on for coursing.

The hare is protected under law and trapping them in this manner is illegal.

Recently, in South Kerry, signs have been erected in fields stating that hares may not be trapped on these lands.

A spokesperson for Killarney Garda Station says it’s not clear if illegal trappers are focused solely on catching hares or if in some cases, they are also scoping out properties with a view to carrying out burglaries.

The trappers are using dogs to drive the hares into nets and then supplying them to people involved in hare coursing.

If you notice or suspect illegal hare trapping, you should contact Killarney Garda Station on 064 6671160.

Under legal hare coursing, greyhounds are muzzled while they chase the hare.

After a coursing meeting, the hares should be taken to where they were captured and released into the wild.