Gardaí and Road Safety Authority investigate claims of unqualified driving instructor operating in Kerry

Radio Kerry News has learnt that the gardaí and the Road Safety Authority are investigating allegations that a person has been falsely representing himself as an approved driving instructor.

It’s alleged that a number of people in Kerry have paid this individual for driving lessons on the understanding that he was an approved instructor.

It’s claimed that one woman could not do her driving test because this person was not approved by the Road Safety Authority.

It’s alleged she’d paid him hundreds of euro for lessons.
One of the requirements in order to do a driving test is to have undertaken lessons with an instructor approved by the Road Safety Authority.

To become registered and receive an Approved Driving Instructor permit, the RSA assesses each applicant to ensure they have the necessary knowledge of the rules of the road as well as road safety, driving capability and the ability to teach a learner driver.

The Road Safety Authority has refused to comment on whether there is an investigation into an individual purporting to be an approved driving instructor in this county.

Gardaí say they are aware of such claims.

There are more than 60 registered driving instructors serving the Kerry area.

The RSA has urged people who are considering taking lessons to consult the ADI approved driving instructors’ register on its website,