Gardai are defended by The Department Of Justice

The Department of Justice has defended the actions of The Gardai following weekend reports that they failed to inform The Justice Minister about the fact Judge Curtin was on a list of alleged paedophiles. The reports claimed that The Garda Siochana failed to pass on the information about the allegations which emerged 3 months before The Judge’s appointment to The Circuit Court. In August of 2001 Interpol supplied The Gardai with a list of alleged customers of a Texas based child pornography site. On the list was the name of Brian Curtin , who 3 months later was appointed as a Circuit Court JudgeGardai have confirmed that they didn’t pass on this information to the then Justice Minister John O`Donoghue. Department of Justice sources have discounted any suggestion that this showed failures or gaps in the reporting and communication procedures. They say Gardai at an operational level would have been unaware that Judge Curtin was being considered for a judicial appointment at the time. Also they point to the fact that the vetting procedures for such appointments relate to criminal convictions, which Judge Curtin did not have.