Garda says Kerry motorcyclist could not have avoided fatal road traffic collision

Tralee Circuit Court has heard that a motorcyclist was travelling at approximately 50km/h prior to decelerating before a fatal road traffic collision.

42-year-old Michael O’Mahony of Lackeen, Blackwater, Killarney has pleaded not guilty to careless driving causing death, following a road traffic collision which occurred on the 15th August 2015.

Christopher Humphreys from Castlecove died from injuries sustained in the collision.

Mr O’Mahony was leaving a private roadway in Lackeen, Blackwater, intending to turn westwards on the N70 towards Sneem, while 59-year-old year Christopher Humphries was travelling in the direction of Kenmare.

Forensic Collision Investigator Garda James O’Brien says there were a number of physical indicators on the roadway following the incident, including gouge marks from metallic levers on the bike and marks left by a skidding back tyre.

He believes neither the accused nor the deceased man saw each other until it was too late; the court heard evidence that sightlines were impeded by a gentle curve in the road.

Garda O’Brien calculates that Mr Humphreys was between 27-42 metres away when the accused’s car first pulled out.

He concludes the motorcyclist was travelling at a speed of approximately 50km/h before he braked, which caused the motorbike to skid outward and fall.

Defence barrister Anthony Sammon claims the deceased man deprived himself the chance to steer around the incident through vigorous over-braking; Garda O’Brien denies this, saying it was the accused’s actions which led to the braking in the first instance.

He believes the deceased man decided to separate himself from the bike prior to an inevitable impact.

Closing speeches are due to be heard this morning in Tralee Circuit Court, under Judge Eoin Garavan.