Future of meal service in North Kerry in doubt.

The future of a meal service for the elderly in North Kerry and Cork is in doubt because of cut backs in funding. The service which is provided by Integrated Rural Development Duhallow has been hit by a reduction in the Fas budget. According to the annual report of IRD Duhallow cutbacks in the Fas social economy programme has seen support for the project drastically reduced.In its annual report IRD Duhallow lists a number of services which are threatened by cutbacks in CE schemes and Social Economy Projects. Chairman of the project Jack Roche says there needs to be greater funding of rural development in order for the area to realise its potential. He says the funding provided so far has allowed them to target and support people who would otherwise remain outside the margins of society, but it must be maintained.The Rural Transport Initave which has seen exponential growth is another project suffering from the cuts. Overall Duhallow itself has had its CE scheme reduced from seven to four people. While the company is optomistic about the future it says managing its services against the backdrop of a reducing social economy programme will be a challenge.