Fossets Circus search for new site in Tralee

The Fossetts have been in Tralee today looking for a site to set up their circus later this month. They’ve been forced to find a new location after the controversy over the use of the Town Park. Fossetts have been using the Town Park since the inception of the festival in the fifties, but found themselves caught in the crossfire between the Town Council and the Save the Green Campaign.When the council decided last month not to allow part of the funfair into the park, they had to ask Fossetts to move on also. Given their long association with the town, the Fossetts were unhappy with the news, but accept they have to get on with finding a new site. Mc cowens yard has been mentioned as a possibility, but insurance obstacles rule that out. Just as Birds will set up in Fels point, Fossetts could find themselves in that part of the town too.