Former solicitor Thomas Byrne found guilty on all 50 counts

Criminal-Courts-of-JusticeFormer solicitor Thomas Byrne is facing up to ten years in jail following the biggest white collar trial ever to come before the Irish courts. The 47 year old with an address at Mountjoy Square, Dublin has been convicted of deception, forgery, fraud and the theft of 52 million euro between 2004 and 2007. Thomas Byrne kept his head bowed as the jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts on all 50 charges but he did manage a smile for his partner before being led away into custody. The verdicts came after 17 and a half hours of deliberations spread over 5 days. During the 27 day trial the jury heard how at the zenith of the Celtic Tiger the former solicitor forged documents transferring his clients’  homes into his name, including the house of a 91 year old woman. He repeatedly used these properties as collateral for bank loans amounting to 51.8 million euro before the house of cards collapsed and the Law Society closed his practice in 2007. Thomas Byrne claimed he d acted out of fear of his business partner, property developer John Kelly. He’s facing up to 10 years in jail when he s sentenced on December 2nd.