Firies woman robbed of €800 in Facebook scam

Gardaí are warning the public to be extra cautious of online fraud in the coming weeks, after a mid Kerry resident was duped out of €800 in a Facebook scam.

This recent incident is the latest in a growing number of cases where Kerry people have had money taken from their bank accounts, after falling prey to an online scam.

The woman involved in this case was initially contacted by another person she was friends with on Facebook, and told she had won €100,000 in a lottery.

However, she was told she had to pay €800 in Apple vouchers, which was a tax on her winnings, before she could claim the cash.

The Firies resident was then told that the money would be sent to her by courier; but despite her bank account being debited, the money never arrived.

She then found out that the scammers had stolen her friends identity and set up a fake account in her name on Facebook.

Garda Shane Kelly says the woman was convinced that the win was real, as the message appeared to have been sent by a genuine friend.

He issued this warning to anyone who receives a similar email:

Garda Kelly also warned the public to be on the lookout for other online scams, in the run-up to Christmas.